Beyond West Michigan

Many of the women who’ve participated in Women’s Service Day also volunteer locally in support of agencies that do good work for women and children outside of West Michigan. We encourage you to check out these opportunities to extend your horizons and impact!

Africa’s Child

Africa’s Child Family Resale in Holland exists to create awareness and a compassionate response to the plight of orphans and vulnerable children in sub-Saharan Africa and globally, empowering those affected by extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS. Find out more.

Awana Wasinchis 

Located in Cusco, Peru, Awana Wasinchis means “our home of textiles” in Quechua, the indigenous language of Peru. This fair-trade cooperative from Andean communities sells textiles with traditional Incan patterns passed down through generations. But it is a dying skill—impacted even more by COVID-19, which has taken a toll on the villages. The co-op, which pre-COVID-19 had 250 weavers in 12 villages, has contracted to 4 villages and 70 families.  Find out how to help

First Hand Aid

Free of any political agenda, First-Hand Aid is licensed by the U. S. Treasury Department and the U.S. Commerce Department to bring volunteer travelers who transport medical supplies and aid directly into the hands of the Cuban people. Find out more.

Marcia Davis helps sort medicine for oncology patients in Cuba with First Hand Aid

Marcia Davis helps deliver “meals on heels” to Cuban shut-ins with First Hand Aid


SowHope is an international, charitable organization that seeks to inspire women around the world by promoting wellness, education and economic opportunities.  SowHope’s target population is the 1.5 billion women who make less than $2 per day. Find out more.