Do you like to lead? Be a WSD Crew Leader!

Whether you’re a natural-born leader or just looking for an opportunity to practice your leadership skills, consider leading a crew on Women’s Service Day. This background information will help you decide if this important role is a good fit for you!

Goals for the event:

  • To increase awareness of issues for women and children in the Holland/Zeeland community
  • To promote networking among women in our community
  • To have a great time while making a difference in our community

Your responsibilities:

  • Be the liaison between your crew, the organization coordinator, and the event leadership team.
  • Be the spokesperson for the group working at assigned location/organization.
    Account for who’s on site (our volunteers) during the event and use emergency contact process if needed.
  • Be the timekeeper during your assigned shifts.
  • Facilitate group decision-making if necessary and as required.

If you have any questions about what’s expected if you sign up to be a WSD Crew Leader, please contact us.