Shopping for Love

It all started with a throw blanket Alyssa found on clearance after Valentine’s Day. 

“I thought, ‘some little girl would love this!’ Then, I remembered Hope Pkgs, where I volunteered during Women’s Service Day 2019,” said Alyssa. 

One of the recipients of our 2020 Volunteer Appreciation Awards, Alyssa shared her story on social media. She is one of four award winners during Women’s Service Season—our way of adapting to help women and children in our community while challenged by the coronavirus pandemic.

As part of her volunteer efforts during Women’s Service Season, Alyssa bought two blankets and started gathering items over the course of a few months, creating two “first night” bags for Hope Pkgs. These very important bags provide immediate necessities for foster kids during traumatic times.

“This experience reminded me that it doesn’t take a lot to make a big difference in the lives of others,” said Alyssa. “By adding a few extra items to my shopping list, I was able to provide two kids with some comfort when they need it most.“

We love the connection Alyssa made here—from eye-catching blanket to a love-filled heart to a bag of care items that can make a big difference for children in transition.

We continue to celebrate the creativity and ambition of our award winners by highlighting their stories on our site. Read our previous posts about Joanie and Lisa, and stay tuned for one more! 

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