In the Spirit of Giving

Instead of our annual event in 2020, Women’s Service Day offered Women’s Service Season—from August through October—to help women and children in our community during a pandemic. (You can read more about our approach outlining four ways to help.)

We also invited volunteers to share their stories on social media to be eligible for our Volunteer Appreciation Awards. Now we are celebrating the creativity and ambition of our award winners by highlighting their stories on our site.

The first recipient was Joanie, who orchestrated a garage “sale” in her neighborhood to benefit Community Action House. Here is Lisa’s story. She is also a big supporter of Community Action House.

Lisa is not new to volunteering. With her previous experience helping out at Community Action House during our regular Women’s Service Day event, she decided to volunteer solo at the Community Action House Food Pantry, one of the opportunities promoted during Women’s Service Season. Her assignment? Sort the bread and dessert pantry, flatten plastic bags for food pickup, and—of course—sanitize. 

“I learned a lot during Women’s Service Season at Community Action House Food Pantry,” said Lisa. “It really opened up my eyes to how many families in our community are being fed through this agency.”

We are thrilled to share Lisa’s example of how she is “living the dream” of our mission:  

  • Making a difference in our community—and having a great time doing so
  • Increasing awareness of issues for women and children in the West Michigan community
  • Promoting networking among women in our community

Lisa said that Women’s Service Day and Community Action House have given her the opportunity to be more active in our community and she plans to continue to serve at the Food Pantry to learn more about their mission.

“It’s an honor to take part in their Food Pantry,” said Lisa. 

It’s an honor to have her as a volunteer in our community! Congratulations, Lisa, for being a recipient of the Women’s Service Season Volunteer Award!


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