One Common Thread: Lots of Love to Give

Preparing the farm for winter

Outdoors and indoors, volunteers worked hard to serve agencies on Women’s Service Day, October 3. They were at places like 8th Day Farm, where a little rain didn’t impede the spreading of compost and winterizing the farm. Or Renew Therapeutic Riding Center, which is moving to its new location and needed new fence posts cleaned for installation. And Hope Pkgs, where they first shopped for, then filled “first-night” backpacks for kids going to foster homes. It was obvious–but not surprising–that Women’s Service Day participants have full hearts and plenty of love to offer their community.

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One common theme we heard throughout the day was growth: Renew Therapeutic Riding Center is moving to a new location, where they’re building an arena and learning center. Camp Sunshine has outgrown its current location, so WSD volunteers helped pack boxes for their move. Nestlings volunteers were surrounded by cases of diapers that had recently been delivered with no place to store them but in stacks.

We also heard stories of engagement: One woman signed up for the Day Center at Evergreen Commons to try it out as a possible volunteer opportunity for her in the future. Another who had worked at 8th Day Farm on October 3 returned the next day to volunteer for harvest day. She was so glad to step away from her office day job that she’s looking forward to helping the farm and get outside more often.

Altogether, volunteers contributed $3,000 to our auction raffle fundraiser for Hope Pkgs, which was generously matched by Herman Miller Cares with another $2,000. We collected donations for Community Action House, including toothbrushes and toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoo, deodorant, soap, and feminine hygiene supplies, to help restock their shelves for people in need.

Nearly 180 people participated to make the event a success. We are grateful for the continued enthusiasm shown in our community to support women and children!

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