Buy an Ornament, Diaper a Baby in Need

Nestlings Diaper Bank ornament by Carolyn StitchOur Women’s Service Day team has been helping to build awareness about Nestlings Diaper Bank since it was first established a couple years ago, and the organization is one of many local organizations served by volunteers during our event.

As the holidays are approaching, we’d like to help Nestlings once again by promoting a special fundraiser that was initiated by a local massage therapist, Tammy Hillen, owner of Harbor Health & Massage. She collaborated with local artist Carolyn Stich, who donated her time, talent, and artwork to create a unique ornament to sell during the holiday season for Nestlings. The design depicts the nativity scene with Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus, which also communicates Nestlings’ focus on children and families (a theme that ties well with Women’s Service Day goals, too). Each ornament costs $25, of which approximately $19 will go to Nestlings.

Tammy was inspired by Nestlings because the organization is run wholly by volunteers. She was interested in helping the organization financially because she knew the majority of the funds (about 75%) would support Nestlings’ mission to help diaper the children and babies in need—not go toward salaries or administration. Together, Carolyn and Tammy donated all the administrative costs of putting the project together, procuring the ornaments, funding the cost of materials up front, and engaging other businesses and organizations to participate as points of sale.

Carolyn decorated 200 ornaments, each signed and numbered. If all the ornaments are sold, about $3,800 will go toward diapers. What a great way to celebrate the season of giving!

Ornaments are available for purchase in downtown Holland at:

They’re also for sale on Holland’s northside at:

If you’re a business owner who’s interested in selling these unique holiday gifts–and supporting a good cause–please contact Tammy Hillen at Harbor Health & Massage.

If you’re a shopper, start your holiday shopping early this year! Get your ornament before they’re gone, while helping babies in need through Nestlings Diaper Bank.


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