Knitting a Community at Women’s Service Day

“I enjoy the gathering, the networking and community.
I also enjoy spending the time chatting with the ladies who volunteer and to share information and experiences back and forth.”

DSC00237That was among the comments you’ve sent us about your experiences at Women’s Service Day 2013 (it’s not too late; use this link). One of the things that strikes us–beyond how much we get done–is how lovely it is that all of our objectives are met, in ways we can’t always predict!

In case they’re not top of mind, here’s what we as a planning crew hope to accomplish:

  • Making a difference in our community—and having a great time doing so
  • Increase awareness of issues for women and children in the West Michigan community
  • Promoting networking among women in our community

We’re hearing a lot of stories about that third objective, the networking that really knits us together as a community. “I met Rosalund, who [works at the same company I do but] I’d never met before.” “My work group included an old friend I hadn’t seen in 30 years! It was great fun catching up with her!” “I ended up on the same team as someone I’d interviewed with from another company… Small world!”

And this from another volunteer: What I enjoyed most was “all the great women and connections possible. Loved helping someone who really needed it. And loved that my two friends could sign up and participate and make connections for themselves. They had a wonderful time!”

If you have friends you’d like to invite for next year’s event (or special opportunities between now and then), they can sign up for our mailing list here. Of course, you never know: Maybe Women’s Service Day 2014 is where you’ll meet your next good friend.


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