Thank You, Women’s Service Day Volunteers!

Card made for Hospice by WSD volunteers

What a wonderful day for the Holland community! More than 140 volunteers showed up to accomplish tasks and participate in fundraising activities for the 12th annual Women’s Service Day. In the morning and afternoon, they helped a number of nonprofits in the area, including:

  • My Sister’s House II

During lunch, they bid on silent auction items to help raise money for Nuestra Casa neighborhood center in Westcore neighborhood. And, a crew made pigs-in-a-blanket as part of another fundraiser for Nuestra Casa. Altogether we were able to add over $1,800 to the renovation funds for Nuestra Casa!

To help equip Nuestra Casa with necessities for its educational, social, and community programs, items were collected as part of our donation drive. (By the way, there’s still opportunity to give! The registries will remain open through the end of December.)

Stay tuned for the full story–with photos–to see how much was accomplished in just one day!


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