Order Your Pigs-in-Blankets by September 30!

Homemade pigs-in-blankets

Like last year, we will continue our support of the Nuestra Casa neighborhood center renovation project with a tasty fundraiser: the preparation of homemade Dutch pigs-in-the-blanket* by Women’s Service Day members in the Hope Church kitchen on October 3.

Cost is $10 per dozen, and all proceeds go to support our many agencies and projects. Now is the time to order yours!

Using our online form, please enter the required fields and submit the form no later than September 30.

Your orders of pigs must be picked up on October 3 between 5 and 6 p.m. at Hope Church, 77 West 11th Street, Holland. Payment is accepted by cash or checks written to Good Samaritan Ministries, which is managing the fund for the Nuestra Casa restoration.

And, if you’re interested in selling to your friends, church, or book club, let’s talk! Please e-mail us at womensserviceday@gmail.com.

*For dietary concerns, pigs-in-the-blanket contain: all-purpose flour, margarine, salt, eggs, milk, and spiced pork sausage.


3 thoughts on “Order Your Pigs-in-Blankets by September 30!

    • Hi Lynn, while we’d love to; we don’t have freezer space available to us at Hope Church. Do you have a friend or family member who could pick them up for you on October 3?

      • Great news, Lynn! Stephanie Harter, the coordinator for the pig fundraiser is willing to hold your order for you until you’re back from vacation. Stephanie will get in touch with you directly via e-mail if she hasn’t already. Thank you so much for supporting Women’s Service Day and Nuestra Casa!

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