An Easy Way to Donate on Women’s Service Day: Gift Registries

Teerman's, Holland, MI

Every year on Women’s Service Day we coordinate a special collection of items needed for a local organization. Last year, it was diapers for Breakfast with Baby. The year before it was books for Nuestra Casa neighborhood center. This year, our donation collection is taking a unique twist. To help equip Nuestra Casa with necessities for its educational, social, and community programs–and make shopping easier for participants–we’ve set up three gift registries.

Our online shopping options enable anyone to donate–even if you don’t live near Holland, Michigan, or can’t attend Women’s Service Day this year. You can click on the links above, or you can go to the store’s website and enter:

First name: Nuestra

Last name: Casa

You may see Kallie Spidahl’s name connected to the registry when you go online. She’s our Women’s Service Day team member who coordinated and set up the accounts.

We’ve also set up a local shipping address for receiving your donations. And we’ll definitely welcome gift cards from these registries.

*Note: We will accept gently used items in lieu of new ones on our registry lists. If you’re planning on donating used items, please indicate on the appropriate registry that the item(s) has/have been purchased so we’re not duplicating efforts.

Thank you for your willingness to help!


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