Thank You, Johnson Controls!

Johnson Controls Grant Check Presentation

JCI Grant Presentation (L to R: Sue Gadbois of Women’s Service Day, Pamela Maurer of JCI, and Judy VanDyke of Good Samaritan Ministries)

During the last two Women’s Service Day events, Johnson Controls (JCI) has provided a large contingent of women volunteers to help out in the community. We are so grateful for their participation, efforts, skills, and talents, especially in Westcore Neighborhood where they have put a lot of muscle into the renovation of the Nuestra Casa neighborhood center.

We were pleasantly surprised when one of the corporation’s employees alerted us early this summer about a grant application made on behalf of Nuestra Casa. JCI is admired locally and globally for its philanthropic outreach in support of community needs, and our team is humbled by this unsolicited grant for $1,000 initiated by the women of JCI.

We look forward to working with them again this year!


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