Vote for Nuestra Casa!

Vote for Susan Gadbois

Sue Gadbois, a member of the Women’s Service Day planning team, has applied for a $5,000 grant for Nuestra Casa through the Marigold Ideas For Good contest. After acing several steps in the qualification process, Sue finds herself as a finalist, which means she and Nuestra Casa are online for your voting. You can vote once every 24 hours; the application used for voting does leverage TakePart, a Facebook application, so if you don’t use Facebook, well… this could be time to start!

Finalists are listed alphabetically by last name, so look for Sue’s photo in the second row. Hover your mouse over her smiling face to see a description of the Nuestra Casa project and the “vote” button. And then, please, take the next step and share the link on Facebook and encourage your friends to vote for Sue, too! Community feedback will count for 50 percent of the evaluation that determines who receives grants; the balance is based on project criteria.

Voting is open until 4:59 p.m. West Coast time on September 7–and did we mention you can vote once every 24 hours? Results will be announced around mid-September, which means if we win, we can celebrate at Women’s Service Day on October 4!


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