Invite Your Friends and Colleagues!

Join us in our effort to build community in the City of Holland by asking your friends and colleagues, neighbors, and family members (18 and older, please!) to participate in Women’s Service Day this year.

Are you involved in a book club, knitting group, or on a project team with women who want to make a difference in their community? Simply send an e-mail, or share via Facebook and Twitter to let them know you’d like them to save the date. You can also send their e-mail addresses to the Women’s Service Day Planning Committee and we’ll add them to our mailing list. If you’d like other materials to help spread the word, such as business cards, newsletter announcements, and posters, let us know!

Mark your calendars for Thursday, October 4! We’ll share more information about the day and send a registration e-mail later this summer, but for now, save the date!

Like last year, we’ll be working at Nuestra Casa, the new neighborhood center on West 15th Street in the Westcore Neighborhood, and at a number of nonprofit organizations in Holland.

Women’s Service Day originated from the spirit of giving among a group of women who recruited their friends and colleagues to help build a home for a single mom. We’d love to engage more women from our community to offer their time and talents, working side-by-side with women who want to make a difference.


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