A Year-End Giving Opportunity for Nuestra Casa

Thanks to 110 women this year, we made great strides in creating “pride of place” in the City of Holland on Women’s Service Day. In addition to helping local nonprofit organizations and Westcore neighbors, crews supported fundraising activities and helped prepare the Nuestra Casa neighborhood center for renovation.

Together, 111 volunteers raised $2,400 for Nuestra Casa from our silent auction, raffle, and pig-in-blankets fundraisers. But more money is needed to get renovation underway.

Won’t you consider a donation toward neighborhood revitalization this year? It’s easy to do. You can simply write a check to Good Samaritan Ministries, the project’s fiduciary agent, with “Nuestra Casa” in the memo line and send it to:

Good Samaritan Ministries
513 East 8th Street
Suite 25
Holland, MI 49423

Or, you can make an online donation through our website.

We appreciate any contribution you can make!

Thank you, and happy holidays!

The Women’s Service Day Organizing Committee
Waltraud Beckmann, Marcia Davis, Cindy DeGraaf, Sue Gadbois, Lois Maassen, Cheryl Murdoch, Carrie Ypma


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